Gafrurey Dafdefet | Since 1990

Gafrurey Dafdefet is a Tel Aviv-based company that specializes in branded giveaways, promotional products and print production.

From small businesses to international corporations, we work with restaurants, bars, hotels, banks, high-tech and media companies, government bodies, NGOs, production houses and more.


Our main products are:  ID wristbands, branded matchboxes, coasters, wipes, toothpicks, paper cups, temporary tattoos, pens and various custom printed items from business cards and stationary to booklets and branded notebooks.   

We are known for the top-notch quality of our products, our fair pricing, and our fast and friendly service. For info in English, please call us at 0523-401157 and we will be glad to assist you.  

For info about our products, please fill in your details, and we'll get back to you shortly


gafrurey dafdefet | since 1990

12 Iserlish St.,Tel Aviv 6701451, Israel 

T: +972 3-5620470

F: +972 153 3 5621975

P.O box 57503 Tel Aviv 6157401